Kit de transfección de lineas celulares SF para Nucleofector 96 pocillos Shuttle, 1 kit de 960 reacciones

Cod. Prov: V4SC-2960
Ref. Teknovas: H3V4SC-2960
Marca: LONZA
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The SF Cell Line 96-well ShuttleTM Kit is one of our three kits suited for medium-throughput transfection of cell lines when working with the 96-well ShuttleTM Add-On.

This kit has been determined to be optimal for transfecting following cell types:

  • 293-F (FreeStyle), 32D
  • A-20, A2058, A375, A431, A549, AGS, ARPE-19
  • BetaTC/6, BxPC-3
  • C6, CCRF-CEM, CHO-K1, CHO-S (Invitrogen), Cos-1
  • EL4
  • FDC-P1
  • H9c2 (2-1), HEK293, Hel9217, HepG2, High 5, HL-60, HMC-1-8, HT-1080, HT-29, Hut-78, HUV-EC-C
  • IMR-32
  • J774A.1
  • K-562
  • KG-1
  • L-428, LNCaP
  • MDA-MB-453, MDBK, Molt-4, MV-4-11
  • Nalm-6, NB-4, NCI-H1299 [H1299], Neuro-2a [N2a], NG108-15, NS0
  • P19, P815, PC-12, PC-3
  • Raw 264.7, RBL-1, RBL-2H3, Reh, Rin m5F, RPMI 8226
  • S2, S49, SaOS, SF9, SH-SY5Y, SK-BR-3, SK-N-AS, SK-N-MC, SK-N-SH, SK-OV-3, Sp2/0-Ag14, SW480
  • T2, T84, TF-1
  • U266B1, U-937
  • Vero

The kit is available in different variants for either 1 x 96 or 10 x 96 reactions.


  • High transfection efficiencies in difficult-to-transfect cell lines
  • Compatible with liquid handling systems for automated high-throughput electroporation
  • Conditions are transferable between 4D-NucleofectorTM System, 96-well ShuttleTMSystem and 384-well NucleofectorTM System


  • Transfection of low cell numbers in the range of 5 x 104 to 1 x 106 cells
  • High-throughput applications, e.g. screens of arrayed cDNA, RNAi or CRISPR libraries

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Equipos Asociados Nucleofector 96
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22.5 mL SF Cell Line NucleofectorTM Solution
5 mL Supplement 1
50 µg pmaxGFPTM Vector (1 μg/μl in 10 mM Tris pH 8.0)
10 x 96-well NucleocuvetteTM Plate (20 μL)