Monocitos CD14+ de sangre periférica humana, selección positiva, 40 millones de céls.

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Ref. Teknovas: K32W-400A
Marca: LONZA
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Monocytes are found in the circulating peripheral blood where they make up 10-20% of the total mononuclear cell population. Monocytes are characterized by their phenotypic expression of CD14, and thus, are commonly called CD14+ monocytes. They play an important role in host defense as circulating monocytes and differentiation into tissue macrophages, and can differentiate into dendritic cells with potent antigen-presenting capability. Cells You Can Count on to Perform Lonza Human Peripheral Blood CD14+ Monocytes are isolated from peripheral blood of screened, healthy, untreated (non-mobilized peripheral blood) donors. Briefly, mononuclear cells (MNCs) are isolated from apheresis derived peripheral blood. The MNC population is then further purified via positive immunomagnetic selection directed against CD14. Cryopreserved CD14+ Monocytes are guaranteed to express CD14 and will contain either ≥10, 20, or 40 million viable cells per ampoule depending upon the product ordered. HIV-1, hepatitis B and hepatitis C are not detected for all donors and/or cell lots. A Certificate of Analysis is provided for each cell lot purchased. Choices in Cell Type and Tissue Source Hematopoietic and immune research requires a variety of donors and cell types. That's why Lonza offers many different peripheral blood cell types from a variety of donors, including PBMCs and dendritic cells, among others. In addition, if you are interested in exploring the differences between monocytes in different maturation states or from different tissues, we offer bone marrow mononuclear cells and cord blood mononuclear cells. Supported by Lonza Media The recommended medium varies by application. Please contact Scientific Support for additional culturing recommendations. To Maintain the Monocyte Phenotype: RPMI + 10% Fetal Bovine Serum + 2 mM L-glutamine + 10 ng/ml rHU M-CSF (optional) To Produce Macrophages: RPMI +10% Fetal Bovine Serum + 2 mM L-glutamine + 1% Sodium Pyruvate + 1% Non-Essential Amino Acids + 25 ng/ml rHU M-CSF To Produce Dendritic Cells: LGM-3Lymphocyte Growth Medium + 50 ng/ml GM-CSF + 50 ng/ml IL-4 Media recommendations for macrophage and dendritic cell differentiation are recommendations only. Lonza CD14+ monocytes are not routinely quality control tested for macrophage or dendritic cell differentiation and differentiation is not guaranteed under the cell warranty. Additional factors including extracellular matrixes or culturing conditions may be required to produce differentiation. Lonza guarantees the performance of Clonetics/Poieticscells only if appropriate Clonetics/Poieticsmedia and reagents are used exclusively and the recommended storage and use protocols are followed. Any modifications made to the recommended cell systems including the use of alternative media, reagents or protocols, will void cell and media performance guarantees. If you need assistance in selecting the appropriate media, reagents, or protocol, please contact Lonza Scientific Support.
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Aplicaciones Bioprocesos
Categoría de Producto Células madre
Temperatura Envío Nitrógeno líquido -180º
Temperatura Almacenaje Nitrógeno líquido -180º
Disponibilidad Bajo pedido
Capacidad/Volumen ≥ 40 millones de células
Especie/Huesped Humano
Tipo Celular CD14+