Cubeta para hielo rectangular maxi de 9 l, color color azul

Cod. Prov: 432094
Ref. Teknovas: 15432094
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Corning ice pans and buckets are multi-purpose pans and buckets that are a great non-toxic alternative to conventional ice pans. EVA has little or no odor, is inert and used in biomedical engineering applications such as drug delivery devices. The multi-purpose containers are highly insulative, stackable, unbreakable, lightweight and leak-proof. Containers will not "sweat" or deform and have a textured finish on the bottom to prevent slipping on the benchtop. Ideal for use with ice, dry ice (-78℃), liquid nitrogen (-196℃), alcohol or saline solutions, or warm solutions (+93°C). Available in five sizes and seven vibrant colors. It can be cleaned with soap and water, 10% bleach or 70% alcohol.

  • Non-toxic, recyclable ethyl-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam containers for use with ice, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, alcohol slurries.
  • Will not sweat, leak or skid on bench.
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Aplicaciones Preservación, Refrigeración
Categoría de Producto Contenedores de congelación
Subcategoría de Producto Cubo para hielo
Temperatura Almacenaje Ambiente
Formato Especial Rectangular
Disponibilidad Bajo pedido
Capacidad/Volumen 9 l