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SmartFAST are the new concept of compact ISO 3 vertical laminar flow cabinet which guarantee excellent decontaminated working area and particle-free conditions, especially designed for molecular biology applications. They guarantee and maintain excellent product protection factors by offering a positive pressure particle-free working area by virtue of the the H 14 HEPA/ULPA filter with an efficiency better than 99,995 % MPPS (H14 - EN:1822). BENEFITS Ergonomic Design: The angled sloping (7°) front hinged safety-glass provides optimum visibility of all objects placed in the interior workspace. The frontal opening is set to 200 mm. The whole front of the cabinet can also be opened upwards as it is hinged on the top – in order to allow easy access for complete and effective cleaning and decontamination. Economic and easy-to-place: SmartFAST are the compact version of vertical laminar flow cabinet with overall width dimension of 830mm that allow to place the cabinet also in restricted spaces. ECS Eco Controling System: The new ECS microprocessor employs the latest innovative methods of integrated management of all principal functions of ventilation and filtration - self-regulating all the main filtration and ventilation system components - compensating for declining pressure drops and restoring power balance. Combining the use of AC motor-blower and certified low pressure-drop filters, the new ECS controlling system optimize power consumption, reducing CO2 emissions into the environment. Anti Bacterial Coating: Exclusive Dupont ALESTA anti-bacterial “Ag+ cations-based solution”, capable to prevent microbial contamination of surfaces thereby inhibiting long term surface growth. High Level Lighting: The safety glass side-windows with the ideal positioning and sizing of the light-system provide the highest level of luminosity to the work area. Easy handling and maintenance: SmartFAST can pass through standard 800 mm wide door openings thanks to the overall depth of just 652mm. All service operations are available from the front of the cabinet. Useful snap hinges keep in open position the frontal tempered glass increasing the height of the frontal opening. This solution allows the entrance of devices (such as microscopes) beneath laminar flow. Electrical socket fitted as standard. OPERATIONAL PRINCIPLES Although SmartFAST is primary conceived as positive pressure laminar flow cabinet, it is equipped with a special closing panel on the top which allow to switch from positive to negative pressure work. Therefore the are two working possibilities: Positive pressure (main operational principle): The environment air is drawn from the top of the cabinet and then pulled downwards and filtered by virtue of H14 HEPA/ULPA filter into the working area in positive pressure creating vertical laminar air flow pattern. Negative pressure (alternative operational principle): The ambient air is drawn in
through the slots of the stainless steel base at the front opening and it then passes under the work surface, from where it is drawn up and channeled after filtration through a H14 HEPA/ULPA filter in laminar air flow condition (about 90%) and exhausted outside (about 10%) from the upper side of the cabinet. To exchange the two operational systems, it is sufficient to change the position of the closing plate on the top of the cabinet.
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