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Swift Amplicon® kit de indexación doble combinatorial, Set 1A (96 reacciones) (SWIFT BIOSCIENCES)

Swift Amplicon® kit de indexación doble combinatorial, Set 1A (96 reacciones)

  • 96 rxns
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Swift Amplicon Combinatorial Dual Indexing Kit (Set 1A, 96 rxns)
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Descripción & Documentación

The Swift Amplicon 16S+ITS Panel enables highly efficient, sensitive and specific microbial identification by targeting the 16S rRNA (V1-V9) and ITS genes in a single primer pool, along with a simple two-hour workflow.

Supported Applications

  • Detection and characterization of bacterial and fungal structure in complex samples
  • Metagenomics: Bacteria, Archaea, Fungi
  • Environmental: Air, Water, Wastewater
  • Agriculture: Plant microbiome, Soil – ITS for fungal
  • Microbiome: Human – skin, GI tract, stool, vagina, Plant – surface, roots and soil
  • Forensics: Microbiome to establish time of death
    • Referencia:
    • K4AL-S1A96
    • Especificaciones:
    • Comprehensive

      • Targets the entire 16S rRNA gene (V1-V9) and the Fungal ITS1 and ITS2 genes
      • Unique multiplex PCR chemistry generates diverse clusters without PhiX or phased primers, saving up to 25% of sequencing costs

      Fast workflow, high-quality data

      • From DNA to Illumina® compatible libraries within 2 hours
      • Faster turnaround time with 2×150 or 2×300 read lengths
      • Reduce turn-around time and cost with 384 indexing

      Sensitive and Specific

      • Accurate quantification, with 100% sensitivity observed with mock microbial communities (ATCC® MSA-1003TM), and 100% specificity validated with microbial isolates.
    • Categoría de Producto:
    • Kits preparación librerías
    • Subcategoría de Producto:
    • Kits de indexación
    • Capacidad/Volumen:
    • 96 rxns
    • Disponibilidad:
    • Disponible bajo pedido
    • Aplicaciones:
    • Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)