Medio de cultivo XtremeFeed químizamente definido y libre de proteínas, 1 l

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Ref. Teknovas: H3BE02-056Q
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PowerCHOTM 1, 2, and 3 Chemically Defined, Serum-free CHO Media are the next generation in CHO media, optimized for both cell growth and protein production. PowerCHOTM Media are hydrolysate-free, serum-free, and non-animal origin media for supporting high-density CHO cells in suspension. For therapeutic bioprocessing applications, these protein-free formulations also facilitate both downstream purification and regulatory compliance.PowerCHOTM contains HEPES and Pluronic® F-68, but does not contain L-glutamine, phenol red, hypoxanthine, and thymidine.

  • Maximum culture performance through balanced formulation
  • Maintain high viability (>90%) at high cell densities
  • Confidence in performance lot-to-lot with chemically defined, serum-free media
  • Easily scaleable to support high-density, large scale production volumes
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