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Equipo de transfección Nucleofector de 96 pocillos Shuttle con portátil y software, 1 equipo (LONZA)

Equipo de transfección Nucleofector de 96 pocillos Shuttle con portátil y software, 1 equipo

  • Disponibilidad:
    • Cod. Prov: AAF-1003S
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    • Ref. Teknovas: H3AAF-1003S
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    • Marca: LONZA
Equipo de transfección Nucleofector de 96 pocillos Shuttle con portátil y software, 1 equipo
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Descripción & Documentación

4D-Nucleofector™ 96-well Unit

The 4D-Nucleofector® 96-well Unit is one of the four functional modules of the 4D-Nucleofector® System. The 96-well Unit is a medium-throughput module for the 4D-Nucleofector® System suited for convenient optimization of Nucleofection conditions or as an assay establishment tool

For integration of the 96-well Unit into a liquid handling workstation we offer a separate Automation Server Software (SBA-1001).

There are cell type-specific Optimized Protocols or recommendations available in our knowledge database. In these Optimized Protocols the best Nucleofection conditions are indicated. In addition, we share our experience and knowledge for treatment of individual cell types. 


The new 96-well Unit is only compatible with the 4D-Nucleofector® Core Unit with part code AAF-1003B 

With the introduction of the Next Generation 4D-Nucleofector® System the 96-well Shuttle® Add-on is no longer available. It is replaced by the new 4D-Nucleofector® 96-well Unit as a fully integrated module for the Next Generation 4D-Nucleofector® Platform. 

Please note: The 96-well Shuttle® Add-on cannot be operated with the Next Generation 4D-Nucleofector® Core Unit and vice versa. The new 96-well Unit cannot be integrated in the 4D-Nucleofector® System of the first generation (Core Unit part code AAF-1001B, or AAF-1002B).


  •  Up to 96 independent programs can be run per plate, processed automatically in <2 minutes 
  • Modular 6 × 16-well Nucleocuvette® Plate for scalable throughput 
  • Fulfills pre-requisites for liquid handling integration


  • Convenient optimization of any difficult-to-transfect cell line in just 1 plate 
  • Variable cell numbers from 104 – 106 cells per reaction 
  • Testing of multiple conditions for assay establishment
  • Screening of cDNA, RNAi or CRISPR libraries
    • Referencia:
    • H3AAF-1003S
    • Especificaciones:
    • Technical Specifications

      • Dimensions: (w × d × h) 24.5 × 10.5 × 28 cm / 9.7 × 4.1 × 11.0 in
      • Weight: 4.7 kg (10.4 lb)
      • Power supply: 110 VAC +10%/-20% or 240 VAC +10%/-20% 50–60 Hz, self–regulating
      • Power consumption: 0 VA (power off) / 20 VA (idle) / 140 VA (busy - during transfection)
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    • Equipos
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    • Nucleofector
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