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Kit de mineralización de hueso OsteoImage mineralization, 500 tests, (1 vial 500 µl, 2 botellas de 50 ml) (LONZA)

Kit de mineralización de hueso OsteoImage mineralization, 500 tests, (1 vial 500 µl, 2 botellas de 50 ml)

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    • Ref. Teknovas: H3PA-1503
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    • Marca: LONZA
OsteoImage Mineralization 500 tests, 96 well
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The OsteoImageMineralization Assay is a rapid, fluorescent in vitro assay for assessing bone cell mineralization. The OsteoImageAssay can quantitate in vitro mineralization by osteogenic stem cells, primary osteoblasts, and osteoblast-like cell lines. It is based on specific binding of the fluorescent OsteoImageStaining Reagent to the hydroxyapatite portion of bone-like nodules deposited by cells. Unlike typical histochemical methods such as von Kossa and Alizarin red, neither of which is hydroxyapatite specific, the OsteoImageAssay eliminates multiple steps or tedious extraction steps. The OsteoImageAssay is the newest addition to Lonza‘s line of products for bone research. Increase the speed, sensitivity and ease of measuring mineralization in your cell cultures with the OsteoImageMineralization Assay. The OsteoImageMineralization Assay: Delivers qualitative visual fluorescent microscopy or quantitative fluorescent plate reader results Can be used with primary osteoblasts, osteoblast stem cells, and osteoblast cell lines Measures hydroxyapatite, similar to real bone Completed in less than 90 minutes, without tedious extractions Sensitive enough to detect time dependent increases in mineralization in differentiating cells Scalable for use in 6-well to 96-well plates
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    • H3PA-1503
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