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ChemFAST Elite 18 (with work surface made of AISI (FASTER)

ChemFAST Elite 18 (with work surface made of AISI

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ChemFAST Elite 18 (with work surface made of AISI 316L stainless steel)
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Descripción & Documentación

ChemFAST belong to the latest generation of ductless fume cupboards using the most innovative molecular filtration technology manufactured by Faster, in which the choice of materials of construction of the highest quality guarantees a safe working environment together with fume containment for protection from chemicals, vapors and aerosol in the laboratories. ChemFAST Elite are equipped with a microprocessor based monitoring system for a range of data which includes type and code number of the filter being used, installation date, maximum time allowance for filter use and a warning date for its replacement. Monitoring data:
Power on/off
Light on/off
Microprocessor monitoring system checking airflow, pre-filter and filter efficiency
Variable speed air regulation
Audible and visual alarms alert the operator to low/high airflow, fan failure, filter and pre-filter condition, black-out, gas detector and anemometer failure. BENEFITS Best cleanability: Front stratified hinged safety glass, the frontal opening is set to 200 mm. The whole front of the cabinet can also be opened upwards as it is hinged on the top – in order to allow easy access for complete and effective cleaning and decontamination. Cold rolled epoxy painted galvanized external structure for superior resistant against chemical solvents aggression. High Level Lighting: The safety glass side-windows with the ideal positioning and sizing of the light-system provide the highest level of luminosity to the work area. Easy handling and maintenance: ChemFAST can pass through standard 800 mm wide door openings thanks to the overall depth of just 760mm. All service operations are available from the front of the cabinet. Charcoal filters can be easily replaced from the front. More than 10 different kind of activate charcoal filters able to absorb and handle any organic compounds and inorganic gases and vapors. Highly effective protection from toxic vapors High filtration efficiency Large adsorption capacity Built in safety: all electronic components, switches, lighting and motor fan have been selected and installed fully isolated from air contaminated with solvents and therefore meet the most stringent electrical safety requirements. OPERATIONAL PRINCIPLES Air from external environment is directly drawn inside the working chamber preventing from the chemical vapors being split to the external environment. Inlet air is firstly filtered by means of G4 pre-filter located on the top of working area in order to remove particulates; air is then filtered, by means of activated charcoal filters positioned on the top of the equipment , which absorb lower molecular organic compounds and inorganic gases and vapors, before being exhausted in the environment. FILTRATION The filters used in ChemFAST are manufactured from high grade coconut shell charcoal: all types of activated charcoal used in these filters are of amorphous structure obtained from the heat controlled oxidation of coconut shells. The cellulose structure of the coconuts provides the highest adsorption efficiency through a large surface area of up to 1050 m2/gm. A number of filter efficiency studies have been carried out, and all results using single bed filters show efficiencies very close to 100%. A wide range of filters is available, from activated charcoal adsorbing filters to chemical adsorbing filters for specific applications such as the use of formalin, glutaraldehyde or radioactive iodine labelled compounds and for others applications: Prefilters (present as standard): High performance G4 pre-filters are designed to remove particulates from the air stream. The filter material is based on electrets, which are permanently charged di-electrics. They remove particulates from polluted air by strong electrostatic forces generated by the fibers from which they are made. The combination of strong electric charges and open structure provides a filter with high efficiency, low airflow resistance and high loading capacity. Pre-filter efficiency is equal to 75÷85% dust weight stoppage (ASHRAE). Main activated charcoal filters (to be chosen and equipped in accordance with the chemical substance to be handled): A/C FILTER: it is the most widely used filter in the range, and is used primarily for solvent fume removal. It is manufactured from coconut shell based activated carbon of 4 x 8 USS mesh size and surface area up to 1050 m2/gm. Filtration is achieved by the physical adsorption of molecules in the pores of the activated carbon by Van der Waals forces. Primary use: organic odors, hydrocarbons, aromatic solvents, animal odors, excrements, urines, acid odors, cadaverine, putrescine. Secondary use: oxygenated nitrogen compounds. ACR FILTER: This filter is impregnated with halide salts and is used for the high efficiency removal of iodine and methyl iodine. It is frequently used for iodination reactions with low-level radioactive iodine and efficiencies in excess of 99,99% have been measured. Primary use: radioactive iodine. Secondary use: hydrocarbons. FORM FILTER: this filter is impregnate with an oxidizing agent to oxidize formaldehyde to form salts. It is widely used in hospital pathology and cytology laboratories. Primary use: formaldehyde. Secondary use: organic emissions, hydrocarbons, aromatic solvents, acid gases. SULF FILTER: Primary use: acid odors, putrescine, cadaverine, acid gases, hydrogen sulphide, methyl mercaptan, sulphur compounds, sulphur dioxide, R.H.>85%. UR FILTER: Primary use: acid odors, putrescine, cadaverine, acid gases, hydrogen sulphide, methyl mercaptan, sulphur compounds, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxygenated compounds. Secondary use: organic emissions, hydrocarbons, aromatic solvents, hydrocyanic acid, R.H.
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