Células progenitoras CD34+ de médula ósea humana, frescas, > 500k cels.

Cod. Prov: 3M-101B
Ref. Teknovas: K33M-101B
Marca: LONZA
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Bone marrow aspirate is collected from healthy donors following IRB protocols and contains 80 IU/mL (nominal) porcine heparin as an anticoagulant. CD34+ stem and progenitor cells (HSPC) are positively selected using a direct immunomagnetic CD34 microbead labeling system. CD34+ HSPC have the potential to self-renew and differentiate into all the mature blood cell lineages. Cells are formulated in Lonza Fresh Media and shipped in a cryovial. Manufactured by AllCells®
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Aplicaciones Bioprocesos
Categoría de Producto Células madre
Disponibilidad Bajo pedido
Capacidad/Volumen ≥ 500.000 células
Especie/Huesped Humano
Tipo Celular CD34+